banner"Hi, I'm Eddie. My dad trained me and our Keela to search for cadavers and blood. Our sensitive noses help dad find out where the evidence is hidden so he can help the forensic scientists take samples for further analysis.

We can't tell lies like people do and we only show him where we detect the smells."

Eddie The Crime Dog To Help In Hunt For Missing 911 Dispatcher

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FBI Recruits Expert, K-9 From UK
posted September 13, 2007 (here)

A dog who is trained to find human remains has been brought in from the United Kingdom to help in the search for Theresa Parker, the Walker County 911 operator who has been missing for almost six months.

FBI Regional Director John Parrish said Martin Grimes and his English springer spaniel Eddie are some of the best in the world at finding bodies.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson introduced Mr. Grimes and Eddie at a press conference in LaFayette on Thursday afternoon.

He said the search for Ms. Parker is “very active and ongoing.”

Sheriff Wilson said the only “person of interest” remains Ms. Parker’s husband, former LaFayette Police Sgt. Sam Parker.

Mr. Grimes, who said he is retired after 30 years with the UK Police, said Eddie is trained “to locate human remains – whole or in part.”

He said he and Eddie plan to remain in LaFayette until this phase of the investigation is complete.

He declined to specify where or when they would be searching.

Director Parrish said the case has been declared “high priority” by the FBI and an agent has been assigned fulltime to it.

He said K-9s were used in April on the search and that “was very valuable to us.” He said, “We have completed that phase and we are evolving into another phase.”

Sheriff Wilson said in this phase, “We will go to areas that are of interest to us.”

Mr. Grimes said he will be utilizing “a method we have used successfully in the UK.”

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